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A Call for Honor in the Court, by the only Party of Honor in Case # 1:10-CR-00150-001: Bossingham, Brett Allen, Protector of the Courts Honor.

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What is Reasonable Doubt?

Posted 7/19/2018

Proof being the perfection of evidence cannot be used as Reasonable Doubt

itself. Therefore, reasonable doubt is not proof, but a process. Reasonable doubt

is simply:  "There can be no other reasonable explanation - a process of reason, based on

all the allowed evidence in the Court, the concepts, explanations, facts and the

experience of each Juror, in contemplation of all factors both raised by both sides of an

issue, and those factors considered either raised or not raised in the court room, as

decided individually by each Juror.  Reasonable doubt is a process of exclusion,

leading to the decision that the only explanation is guilt." Bossingham, Brett Allen

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What is a Structural Dishonor?

Posted 11/30/2017

structural error is defined as "an error that permeate[s] the entire conduct of the trial from beginning to end or affect[s] the framework within which the trial proceeds."   A Structural Dishonor occurs when the conduct of creating such structural error(s) is intentional.  Bossingham, Brett Allen, Protector of the Court

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